Robb Schiller is a Product Designer at Xero in San Francisco, California.

Though currently living in California, Robb grew up in the Midwest and cut his design teeth in Central Florida. He's a husband, father and introverted extrovert. Robb has learned product design as a means to empower those he designs for.

Robb studied biology then business then computers then design. He wanted to design cars for a career at 7. Designed and shipped his first Web product at 18. He has learned the art of shaping products for people through practice.

Outside his work experience, Robb has also helped build the Orlando Design and Technology communities. In 2011, he co-founded the Orlando Tech Meetup, which has grown into a non-profit, Orlando Tech, of which he now serves on the board. Robb also helped start CreativeMornings/Orlando in 2012 and served as host until early 2014.

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