Dekm is a social polling iOS Application I designed. The project was managed for a client in Florida through Futura. I worked extremely closely with the founder of the idea and helped construct his vision for a product that was photo-based social polling for friends.

One of the initial challenges for the application was designing around the intended market of 14-18 year olds. The founder wanted the app to feel extremely fun and playful, going after this market, I knew big faces of friends and even bigger photos are big connection points.

Dekm Views

This was actually the first iOS application I designed entirely in Sketch. I've become almost a full convert. I wanted to use lot's of transparency throughout this application to make the poll creation process feel more like a modal walk-through, creating transparency in Photoshop is no easy task and in Sketch, it's incredibly simple.

I've also really enjoyed emulating Storyboards in Xcode with Sketch's Artboards. It's extremely helpful to organize the entirety of your application views on a single page so you can imagine the connections or, segues, between the scenes. It's also extremely helpful to "Export All" Artboards at once so that each view is saved as its own 640x1136 file. For this project, with each of these views I would import to Flinto, construct a prototype for presenting to the client as well as getting feedback from potential users.

Dekm Mobile UI