TimeFrame was an internal product that we worked on as Futura. I was honored to work on the app with Orlando's most notorious Node.js developer, Tj Krusinski.

The idea for TimeFrame came from some conversations with a friend who runs a large production based product team. He was lamenting the fact there was no web based, SMS enabled scheduling app to keep track of scheduling for the team, lot's of different shifts and constantly changing work loads. So, as any good web entrepreneurs would do - we started building a product.

I designed the logo and brand, working hard to keep it simple and spend as little time on it as possible so that we could invest in building and finishing the product - as we were working on this solely in our time outside of Client projects.

TimeFrame Brand

For the TimeFrame UI - I designed our starting point specs in Photoshop and then started hacking away on the front-end. Tj built TimeFrame with in Express. I designed all of the UI and worked on the front-end development as well - writing in Jade as the HTML pre-processor for the Express Framework.

TimeFrame Signup

In the signup process, we experimented with the password field visualization jQuery library Chroma Hash, but ultimately it was confusing users. There is an interesting idea there, but it needs to be executed correctly.

TimeFrame Full Calendar

A goal for the Interface was to let the scheduled placements take the entirety of color for eye attraction. We wanted someone who has never used the app before to look at the calendar and get an idea for what the week or month was going to be like.

TimeFrame Modal

Ultimately, we didn't like modals for inputing scheduling data, but decided it would be the fall back option for users that aren't comfortable with drag-and-drop from the slideout.

TimeFrame Slideout

One of the first ideas that was requested was combining the visualization data of how many people need scheduled during a shift with how many were currently scheduled. So we worked on a color fill that showed how many openings there still were for a single shift.