The founders from Traffic came to Futura with an idea for an iOS application that helped people find restaurants more easily. It was "A little bit of Foursquare" and "A little bit of Yelp", but most importantly, it was clear and direct by letting users share their thoughts with a three point system - The Traffic light.

I led the interface design of the Traffic iOS application. We worked through and prototyped multiple versions of the UI, each sorting the information a user intakes slightly differently - before ultimately settling on a "card" style design with the infamous hamburger flyout navigation pattern.

Traffic Flyout Nav

One of the big issues we spent a lot of time on for the UI was what the first thing a user should see about a "Traffic Report" is. Should they first know the user, the rating, or the location? Ultimately, we decided that the monetization strategy for this app was going to come from restaurants getting data about reviews on their store, so we worked out a design that helped the users see and organize the feed by the restaurant very quickly.

Traffic UI Layout

Traffic Photo